Yuki, Kinyongo and Jongo

So today I really wanted to do something. I had some small plans – get my haircut, upload old photos to my Zoto site, wash my bike, maybe buy some trainers.Well I started on the photo uploading and that took up a lot of time…

And I read some web comics. Never really looked at them before. But found a really good one by Scott McCloud that is well worth a look – The Right Number – it uses a very interesting method for displaying the frames on screen. Maybe it will only work this once with this comic, because it was designed at the same time the comic was written. But I really like the effect, and perhaps it can be put to use when I actually get around to writing a comic. Nowhere Girl also looks worth a look.

But first I’ve got to get my haircut, wash my bike, buy some trainers, and upload about 1000 photos from our trip to Tanzania which really should be out there…

Before I go, check out this rather cool film – mirrorised scene from Rashomon -very cool.


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