On my mind

This is what is on my mind today, aside from personal stuff and nonsense:

National Identity Cards
The Labour government seems hell bent on introducing biometric powered national identity cards in the UK, without giving any sensible reasoning, let alone a proper debate. The government is not claiming (directly – they are using cynical techniques such as the Bush regime used to convince the US population Sadam Husein committed the World Trade Centre attacks) that the cards will have any effect in combatting terrorism or illegal immigration, or any serious crime. I am hoping that they won’t successfully get this through, at a cost of £3bn (+ £75 poll tax per person) and untold damage to our freedom. They want everyone to register their address and keep it up to date with the govt database. Should we live under such a regime? Should we trust any regime that tries to sneak this on us? I’ve even written to my MP Nick Raynsford about this one. He doesn’t seemm very well informed judging from his responses.
Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by our leaders
The US administration has reneged on the nuclear proliferation treaty and will spend $6.5 billion on development of nuclear weapons this year. With no clear threat in now or in the future meriting a nuclear response one has to wonder about the motivation behind these cold war levels of spending. Other signatories of teh non-proliferation treaty have come under extreme pressure to comply, but the US has opted out, and indicated a first strike policy. Such an approach creates a chain of nuclear posturing – Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and Israel are all likely to respond in turn by increasing their nuclear efforts. With so many countries involved this is a more dangerous situation than the cold war arms race.
The psychotic and hare-brained schemes to militarize space
The US military has published plans (admittedly long term ones) to take control of space by launching space platforms from which offensive strikes could be launched anywhere on earth, at any time with no warning. If that isn’t terrorism I don’t know what is. There are even congress approved plans (1987) for state backed space pirates hijacking space ships carrying mined materials from elsewhere in the solar system. Is this US taxpayer backed sci-fi, or an indication of the real long term aims of the US military? I dunno.

Otherwise I am still applying for jobs, and we are looking for our own place to live. Probably going to see Kill Bill 2 tonight.


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