Urgh. Applying for jobs all day. Makes my brain melt filling in yet another application form. It gets to the point where everything I am saying sounds surreal or bollocks. Trumpeting about myself. It just isn’t really me. Well, I do have a blog though, don’t I…

Reading about American porn industry in Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser. Nice bit of journalism taking in the ridiculousness of anti-marijuana laws in the US, immigrant labour in the Californian strawberry industry, and the one man behind almost all porn in the states.

Now I only have a few hours to write an article for the Arusha Times. I think this week it will be how to set up your own blog. I had wanted to run a competition where someone could win their own blog on this site. Unfortunately (or not) I haven’t had time to add that facility yet. It is something I am working on anyway for Meantime Radio but I really don’t know if it is appropriate. Hmm. Well. It is pretty easy to set up a blog on Blogger or something like that so as long as I give instructions on how to do that I am not really taking anything away by not running a competition am I.

Also busy trying to get an archive together of my articles in the Arusha Times… Oh boy. It is so busy sitting here on my ass all day!


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