I have been fiddling around a fair bit with the site – some sort of displacement activity no doubt. Not much has changed. You will have notice that the controls have moved over to the left. This is part of my fixing a problem in some browsers, whilst maintaining some sort of logical order in the raw code for the page. Probably something only I was noticing. For those who care, this site is built using CSS and XHTML. I was using them specifically for building sites that show up in Internet Explorer. However I have since started using Mozilla, and the site was totally wonky. Spent Friday and Saturday mornings fixing it up. Works now, more or less.

I am working on the back end stuff behind the site so that it is easy for other people to add the system to their own site – as if there weren’t enough blogging systems out there.

Been talking with Dave and Paul about doing some work on Meantime. Particularly interested in getting some sort of blogging culture going on there. Another plan is to run a competition in the Arusha Times, where the winner gets blog space on this site. I have to think up a way of getting people to enter who will actually use the blog.

What should I write about in next week’s article?

Added some more pictures mostly for the start of this month.


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