Last days of diving were very nice though visibility was a bit low. Next stop Scappa Flow. Bought a lovely carved chest down some Stone Town back alley. Not sure how we are going to get it back to the UK. Luckily the boat back from Zanzibar wasn’t such a plague ship compared to last time. I did’t see anyone using their Mike Tyson shopping bag this time.

Got of the boat and straight into a high fever, complete with disiness, although it was Yuki who got the times confused for the cinema so we saw a romantic comedy instead of The Last Samurai. Could it all have been planned. Got myself tested for malaria today, not at the Kokni Muslim Medical Centre, but at the New Life Clinic – Jesus heals, can we pray for you? Wasn’t necessary, as anti-climacticaly my plasmodium count was all of zero.

Bus to Moshi tomorrow, where perhaps some progress will occur with the Uru online project.


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