Slapping of wrists, but not enough time…


Frank slapped my wrist for not writing enough on this web site… Thing is we have been here for just long enough to forget that most things we see are strange and interesting. It has all become a bit normal so the urge to rush and get online to share has faded (not that Yuki has come up with what she wants on her website at all yet…)

So what is going on. And what is interesting at the moment.

I write this sitting on the balcony at TechnoServe. I decided it was better to work outside than in the incredibly dusty offices of this particular NGO. Set up Yuki’s computer with the wireless card and a regular network connection, so I could probably go and sit in the garden. Mind you, something is burning in the garden, and it doesn’t smell particularly legal to me, so I don’t know how much I would get done if I did that.

Right now I am trying to get rid of the dodgy spyware that has somehow made it onto the computer I wiped clean about a month ago. Someone has been visiting web sites of a dubious nature and installed XXX_Action phone dialers and web cam stuff. Naughty NGO employees…

I also shuffled around the computers, as it seemed that Yuki and I were squatting someone’s office, but they were to polite to say anything. Madness.

Anyway, slapped wrists aside, I have to go right now – Kim is at the bus station in town. Not the sort of place you really want to find yourself on your own. Den of theives that…


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