Still the prospect of getting the cafe online is being held tantalisingly out of reach. This time the delay is coming from CyberNet the ISP who just won’t give us any idea of when they will install their hideously overpriced hardware. So we end up sitting in the defunct cafe having to turn away customers and no one turns up. I am reaching the point of jacking it all in. Just so frustrating.

Went to a wedding send off party in Moshi last night. If you get married in Tanzania then you get at least two parties. The one last night included a bartering session between the two families where they decided on the bride-price. I think it is symbolic as the price ended up being TSh2000 (about $2) and a blanket for the parents and a kanga for the elder sister of the bride’s father. Maybe women are just cheap here :-0

The whole party lasted about 9 hours and a lot of beer was drunk. It was a bit hard to handle since the whole thing was conducted in Swahili, so I only had a vague idea what was going on, thanks to the nice woman who explained.

I have many photos, but as usual they are trapped on my camera, and I am unable to upload them.

Definitely planning a trip to either Mafia or Pemba to learn how to Scuba dive – I am in dire need of some physical activity. I have been sittting around waiting for people to do their jobs so much I fear I may be developing bed sores…



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