Bob’s Cabaret (Area 10 – London: Thursday 19th Sep, 2002)

I entered Bob’s Cabaret this week to find the proverbial hive of activity, as the artists gear up to the big party on Saturday. A lot of building was going on last night in the main space. For the first time it was all lit up. No fumbling through the darkened hall to find the secret back rooms.

Bob’s Cabaret celebrated Chilean National Day last night mainly with music. Sofa’s had been moved around into a circle and people were playing guitars. More of a house party atmosphere a result. Some poetry readings. All punctuated by the sound of circular saws, welding, and the occaisonal hoot from Ron’s toybox in the other back room.

Saturday’s party looks like it is going to be very interesting. They have built a giant boat in the middle of the large warehouse room and a lot of instalations are around the outside. Some big metal sculptures have been built out the back, and there is a lot of wood waiting to be burnt on Saturday night. Rumour has it that some people are planning a mini demolition of part of the structure, though whether the lease will be renewed or not may effect whether this happens. Bob’s Cabaret is listed as a participant in the party, not as an organiser. They don’t yet know what will be happening, but it sounds like the usual risky, potentially scary and thought invoking stuff. Or perhaps just a chilled gig.

Peckham will sorely miss Bob’s Cabaret. Next Thursday’s is the last one, possibly ever.


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