Christian Aid Meraki Roll Out Complete

Managua Meraki Today our Regional ICT Service Manager for Latin America and Caribbean, Jose Carlos Valdivia completed the roll out of Christian Aid’s Meraki managed network to our country offices outside of Europe, by installing the final pieces of equipment in our office in Managua, Nicaragua.

Finally we are able to manage our networks in all overseas offices without as much need to travel, and effectively manage our bandwidth use across all offices.

My colleagues in the UK are also approaching their roll out to UK offices, with only a small number to go.

This means that Christian Aid will have a consistent network implementation across all its offices, including VPN, WiFi and traffic management.

We aren’t going to rest there however.  We have plans to implement 802.11x secured WiFi access to Christian Aid owned devices across all offices – we are hoping to achieve this with cloud based RADIUS servers.  We will also probably have to start looking at implementing different devices in some offices that have grown in size both in headcount and area covered, since the roll out began – replacing MX60W (which has limitations) with MX64 and MR access points.  I’ll write more on that in a future post.  We’ve other plans too, which I’ll share as we develop them.

I’ll leave you with our Overview map – something I am increasingly proud of!

Christian Aid International Meraki Network Oct 2015


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