Elizabeth Dunlop – 1914-2013

Elizabeth Dunlop - 23 December 1914 - 24 October 2013

My Grandma, Elizabeth Dunlop, lived a remarkably long life, during which she wore many hats:

  • Sister to four, many of whom she was effectively mother to after her own passed away;
  • Lingerie saleswoman at Draffen’s, Dundee;
  • Wife to her beloved Alec;
  • Mother to Brian, then the surprise twins Joan and Lucille;
  • Grandmother to Alec, Alison, Tracey, Catriona, and myself;
  • Neighbour and friend to many in Kingoodie and other places she lived;
  • Great-grandmother to 8.

She was always engaged deeply with what was happening in her family, as well as what was going on in the world, with fiercely held opinion on what the politicians were up to, and how to load a fork with a piece of every foodstuff on the plate.

She always held an opinion on everything, but hated to argue for the simple reason that she was always right.

There was always a twinkle in her eye as she passed down wisdom and manners, often preceded by “My Father always said…”

My father always said, no uncooked joints on the table.

There was deep love and affection in her relationships.  My memories of her will always start and end with her waiting at her window at Red Cliffs, overlooking the Tay, to wave hello or goodbye to visitors, with bacon or breaded fish waiting on the grill, everything in its place, ready for whatever might happen.

Farewell Grandma – we’ll all be waving back, long after we have turned the corner and can see you no more.


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