Beep me?

In Tanzania they call it beeping. In Nigeria they call it flashing.

What do you call ringing your friend on her mobile then hanging up before she answers so she can that you called, but you don’t have to pay for the call?

In Tanzania, simple systems exist so that friends can communicate with their mobiles for free by beeping and letting it ring different numbers of times.

Leave a comment if you have a word for this, or any other info on this phenomenon?


2 thoughts on “Beep me?

  1. Hey there!
    It’s been a long while since we last spoke and i last visited your site…You are for real man, remembering TZ and all?! Yap, thats typical TZish economics, nowadays it is also “kudip” or deeping…lOl, this is crazy stuff
    Cheerz, keep it up

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