Two busy weeks later…

Somehow I allowed having a couple of job interviews prevent me from adding much in the way of words or pictures, despite doing quite a lot.

I’ve been:

  • Setting up a network in the new offices of Switched On Consulting. Spent a very long time trying to track down modular PSTN Master phone modules to sit next to RJ45 network modules in the same wall plate – but I won’t bore you with that. Today, whilst adjusting the length of the housing that keeps the cables tidy my penknife closed on my finger. I haven’t bled that much in some time…
  • Interviewed three times – twice for Orbis, haven’t heard back which I guess means I didn’t get it – and once for King’s College. Both web jobs. Both quite nice opportunities.
  • Selling my services as a freelancer to SubSea Resources, a deep sea salvage company that is soon to float on the stock market, and needs a web presence quickly. Would be nice if this project paid for some more diving…
  • Hanging out with my good old friend Dave Russell aka David Beard, aka American Dave, whom I haven’t seen in many years. Dave was in Iraq last year. Something to do with a war. Dave’s girlfriend Liz also visited. Amazed to meet someone who can deal with his mannerisms…
  • Getting up to various activities in Amsterdam that it is better not to discuss in great detail during this period of interviewing. I guess that says it all. Photos to come.
  • Starting to learn Italian. Just had my first class this evening. Bene!
  • Bimbling along with the No2ID website, although bimbling is the operative word. Missed the launch on Saturday, but haven’t heard much. It is beginning to become tiresome. My efforts on a new version of the site seem to be falling on blind eyes, and I don’t know if I will have time to complete it now… Perhaps I am too impatient. Nah, the campaign really does seem incredibly un-dynamic right now…

Plenty of pics to upload. The picture here is of a very sinister doll from a dollshouse in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


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