Reclaim the Beach

Very nice Reclaim the Beach on Saturday. Since they didn’t really put the word out till Friday a more managable number of people turned up. The weather was perfect, despite it looking like the skies would open and wash everyone into the Thames earlier in the day.

Another group of people turned up with their own bar and DJ tent. I wasn’t confident that they know what they were doing, judging from where they pitched their tent. The tide got closer and closer and they were still serving beer and playing music. Went to warn them, but the buggers didn’t really want to hear about it. In fact, they told me where to go. Nice eh – try to prevent them losing x thousand pounds worth of gear to the unforgiving river and they just panic and think I want to scratch their records – very different bunch from those who started RtB. Often the way with bandwagon jumpers.

Apart from that little situation, the party was excellent. Less people made for a nicer atmosphere. Also made for fewer people willing to collect wood for the bonfires. Ah well, every party is different.

CarpetFace, who we saw at Area 10 a few weeks ago, played his kick-ass hip-hop sound, minus premadonna attitude and the excellent Mr Mouth, sadly. If you see CarpetFace playing near you, well worth checking out.

Camera batteries ran out just as things got started. So here is a picture of me in my Cowboy duds on my bike instead.

Pictures from the night can be found on Reverend Rats Blog.


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