My cousin’s friend Goodiepal played at the Garage last night. I went down with Ona and Ali to see if we could blag our way in and see this somewhat bizarre musician/artist perform.

Goodiepal is a Danish guy who grew up on Greenland, and now lives on the Faroe Islands for most of the year. He performs some of the most eccentric music you may ever hear.

Goodiepal played an electric music box that played punched cards. Whilst winding the handles Goodiepal whistled the melody, and paused to move around a series of planets he had arranged on a small table at his side. Very odd.

He then introduced us to his magnificent musical bird, which took him two years to make. The photo doesn’t quite do this bizarre object justice.

Then the audience were invited to play with the Maxgumtree web site.

Goodiepal finished off by playing his latest recording – 9,000 year old music discovered on rocks of the Faroe Islands.

The whole event was over my head, and most other peoples. However it was certainly intriguing. What is going on in the mind of this man?

The gig was organised by mybrokeneasel.



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