Michael Jackson

[Rumour-mongering]An ex-colleague of Yuki’s who works next to a recording studio in Notting Hill reports that a phone call came through preparing them for the immanent announcement that Michael Jackson has committed suicide.[/Rumour-mongering]

I wonder if this is the same rumour as the one reported on this web site.


2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson

  1. he is truly a god and my eyes an i wished that people would stop judging him hes dead he needs 2 finally rest in peace i love michaael joseph jackson i grew up on him i honor him even when people judge him i wuz alwayz on his side his music style iz wonderful and lives on forever

    • But why reply to this 5.5 year old post about a rumour?

      Move on. He is gone. You didn’t know him personally. There must be something more important you can do than search for posts on Michael Jackson. It’s what he would have wanted.

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