Pub Poster

On Saturday night Dave, Tracy and I headed down to Deptford the possibly the last My Eyes, My Eyes… film night. The pub it has been hosted in for some time, The Centurion, is destined to be gutted out and turned into luxury flats. Very sad, since the pub is a real old London boozer with that mixed atmosphere or filth and friendliness that you just don’t get in All Bar One and the like.

Film night was excellent, with some hillarious shorts from the likes of Blunt ProductionsThe Planets being particularly rib tickling – a quite terrifying video collage of bald men wandering around Deptford and Greenwich, called Dr Faustus, and bawdy compering by a man dressed as a skeletal pirate.

When at the bar, I noticed this rather cheerful poster. I tried to take a picture of it with my digital camera, but owning to some liberal beer spillage, it wasn’t working. The bar man saw me struggling, and kindly offered me a copy. How nice.

An excellent night. There are a number of film nights in London – Exploding Cinema and the Blunt Club to name two I know of. It is sad to lose one, especially one I hadn’t heard of previously.

Read Dave’s Review on Meantime.


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