Apparently, most blogs, which I admit is what this is, are added to once or twice, and then forgotten about. I haven’t forgotten about this one.

Problem is, since getting back from Tanzania, and for some time whilst I was there, I really haven’t felt like I have that much to say. Right now I am seeking work. It doesn’t really feel like something worth writing about.

I could list all the jobs I have applied for, but what does that mean? To avoid going mad on the job market you can’t become attached to any particular job. The over-riding factor in getting a job is luck, and the only tactic to add to the obvious ones (eye-catching well written CV etc) is to apply for as many jobs as you can manage.

Application forms are beginning to drive me nuts. Somehow the recruiters for many jobs I feel like applying for prefer to deal with application forms. I can’t stand out from anyone else’s unless I do something silly like write in pink ink. Most of these application forms ask all the questions I answer perfectly adequately on my lovely CV, and then leave a page which more or less reflects the covering letter I would send with my CV. The application form makes me sit down and spend an hour writing up what I already have worked hard on with my CV.

At least some application forms are downloadable word documents, which I can copy and paste to from my CV.

Ok, enough of that. Hope you enjoy the tiny icon that now appears on some browsers next to the address, Make your own from any image at

Currently looking for a good way of adding the links blog I set up at before I end up spending a week writing my own version…

Interesting, if slightly old, essay on the blogging phenomenon.


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