Woolwich Ferry

I crossed the river using the tunnel between Greenwich and Island Gardens, which brought me out on the Isle of Dogs. Unfortunately the north of the river doesn’t give you as good access to the river as the south. I ended up cycling down some busy roads, and when I tried to get off them I ended up down blind alleys and had to return again.

Instead of crossing the river using the tunnel at Woolwich I decided to get the Woolwich Free Ferry instead. Much nicer. The ferry does a sort of hand brake turn style manouver to get around, dodging the ferry coming in the opposite direction.


View to Greenwich

Some sort of park has been set up on this small patch of dock. It is all closed off and locked up, so I couldn’t get inside. There are a few old cranes and machinery that were used here in the past, but now it is just eye candy. In the background, although it hasn’t come out well, are the spires on the magnificent Naval College buildings designed by Christopher Wren. I could also see the masts of the Cutty Sark.

All about Greenwich Mean Time.


Another factory that I get to cycle through – these silos sit out on the river, the path running in between them and their associated industrial space. Signs warn you off, but you are closer than you could get in most other places.

Canary Wharf

Across the river from the Millenium Dome and Greenwich Peninsula is the rather bizarre Canary Wharf complex. Completely inhuman city of the future. Even when it is busy it seems dead. Artificial. Glass, steel and concrete stellae piercing the sky.


On the Greenwich peninsula there are many factories and other industrial activities going on. The air smells funny. There is constant whirring. I don’t know what goes on in these pipes here. They stand at a fork in the path, towering over the pedestrian. We don’t often get to walk around in spaces like this.