Eat the buddha’s belly

These are buddha cakes. They have mashed beans in the middle. Nicer than it sounds.


Ohayo gozaimas

Struggling with evil japanese keyboards which will inexplicably start adding 東京 characters. Bear with me.

Flight from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi to Abu Dhabi airport full of arabs of every shade, confuse the airport staff enough that they bump you off the waiting list you didn’t think you were on and into a seat that whizzes you to Hong Kong’s crazy massive airport via Bangok, then a nice shiny seat on Cathay Pacific to Narita where greeted by an almost empty airport and it is not the Masaai cattle market anymore…

Yuki’s family all crammed into already crammed grandmother’s house, trying to make sense of death and family at the same time as what is Shibuya about with all these people people everywhere and I am starting over the tops of their heads dazzled by the lights and giant tv screens at the crossroads.

Funeral ceremony of ice skating music and old men with cauliflower ears then off to Sapporo Beer Station for wake.

Now in Tsukuba Science City.