Boomerang to Dar, onward to Tokyo

We got as far as Tukuyu, very close to the Malwai border and Lake Nyasa/Malawi when we recieved a call from Yuki’s mother. Yuki’s grandmother passed away last week. We are now back in Dar, trying to sort out a flight to Tokyo for the funeral.

High stress trying to get these things done quickly (and on a weekend) here in Tanzania. Getting there slowly. Should be in Tokyo with no warm clothes and more or less no money by Tuesday night…

No time now to tell youse about Iringa, Mbeya and the Mbozi meteorite, nor the mad dash back to Dar we made courtesy of Festo, the road rage driver from TechnoServe. Cheers Fest!

Will try and get online in Tokyo and might even manage to get some more pics up. I did that last week, so maybe you should head over to the Pics page and see what we have been up to…


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