A heady draught

Here is a picture from ages ago, when we were at the Shayo family reunion party. This man is guzzling down some mbege, the local banana and millet beer.


3 thoughts on “A heady draught

  1. Hello!
    Long time?! Congrats for your new job and hey nice new changes you did here with the site!
    Too bad you are 4gettin your good ol’ town Arusha, i dont see any more articles from you in The Arusha Times?
    Will keep in touch,

  2. Of course I drank mbege! It is a bit of a strange drink for a westerner – we aren’t used to lumps floating in our alcoholic draughts. This I found pretty grim to start with, but after a couple of buckets of the stuff you stop noticing 🙂

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