Mombassa and beyond

Well, I survived Mombassa and had a great time while surviving. Technoserve put me up in a nice 1970s style hotel on the beach so I swam at dawn two days in a row. Sorted out a network in the Mombassa office, and was taken around some interesting drinking dens by the chief.

Two days later, back in Dar, but had day off for Eid-al-Fitr – we went to the notorious Modern Green Day and Night Bar, which closes its doors for only the 24 hours every 10 years that everything must close for census day. Raucous.

Now finishing up some final details for the new server I installed in the Nairobi office, and looking forward to a day of buying maps and new shoes tomorrow, before heading back to Arusha on Sunday.

Mission accomplished, and how satisfying it is too!


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