Back in Dar

Seems like I leave longer and longer gaps between adding stuff here.

Right now I am sitting in the internet cafe of the Safari Inn in Dar es Salaam. Doing some more work for TechnoServe here – hopefully less frantic this time.

The last time I was in the Safari Inn I was suffering from dysentry, and woozy from Cipro…

The first time I was in the Safari Inn was in 1991, with Andrew Horne, Roger Alston, Pam Butler and Macha. At 16 Dar scared the cak out of me, and to an extent it still does. Now the money changers are all crooks (there is no black market), and in this tourist hotel infested quarter, every mzungu gets “greeted” by a gaggle of touts. I don’t want to go to Zanzibar…

Yuki at Saba Saba show, which sounds like a total cock up. Picking up Frank & Kim at the airport later. Wish it was in our own car instead of some dodgy taxi…


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