Going to the dogs

Very tired!

Last night an invasion of dogs, and Droopy, Shado, The Red Dog and the other dog had their paws full keeping these invaders at bay. And they barked all night long as they pursued each other round and round the house. I lay awake wishing that Mary had her guns back…

There has been too much loss of sleep recently, between concern over events at the cafe, finding customers hard to bargain with, and noisy dogs. My eyes are red rimmed.

We will shortly be moving into Mary’s annexe – our own space at last. The hunt is on for a car which will propel us around East Africa.

I think I have secured myself a regular column in the Arusha Times – I proposed an article on computer viruses the other day, and hadn’t their network just been brought down by bugbear. So that will appear in tomorrow’s edition, and is online now. COming soon articles on getting rid of adverts on web pages, buying a computer, and a few other things. I managed to whip up three more articles today…


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