Bus to Uru

Went up to the campsite on the mountain with Yuki. The journey there was a little hair raising. Actually, my mirth at seeing the bus coming down in the opposite direction skidding almost 180 degrees quickly turned into a near fear induced loss of hair when the bus we were on skidded into a ditch and nearly rolled. We came close to being trampled to death as the other passengers leapt over each other to escape. For some reason we stayed on the bus as the conductors (of which there seemed to be about 10, surely for this very reason) rocked it from side to side, alternating from almost getting back on the road, to almost rolling right over onto its roof. Eventually they succeeded, and we were almost crushed again as all the people swarmed back on.

Once in Uru we were greeted by the surprising number of people we are now aquainted with. Stratton is still a BeastMaster obsessed, choir conducting barber, Germin is still a reluctant ladies man, and Stratton is still wise and strong like Aslan. We also met Denis, the freestyler (of which you can see an example – if your connection is fast).


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