Mary’s animals’ status

We are still living at Mary’s which has the new addition of two turkeys. The male constantly puffs up and struts around whilst the female goes all submissive. They are at it all day long. On our first day back I stood and watched the act with Mary who whispered “I never saw this before. This is special.” Also new are some chickens who produce a few eggs, though I haven’t dared fry one yet in case they too are special.

Still around are Mary’s four dogs. Shado is still chained up, but has started to obey my Barabara Woodhouse shouts of “Sit!” followed by “Good dog!” and patting, although she immediately tries to savage my hand after the pats are over. The red dog, also known as “dodgy” dog, still has a strange wiggle in its walk due to over exertive tail wagging. He has taken to following me around after I rescued him from old dog AKA Mzee Mbwa AKA Droopy who was doing violence to him. He even started to follow the dalla dalla (mini bus) I got into the other day. It brought a tear to my eye as I watched him running down the street, eating a cloud of diesel exhaust, like a ginger littlest hobo.


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