It’s been over a week since I last added anything to the site. Been an interesting one. Yuki met a guy from and NGO called TechnoServe who offered her a voluntary position, helping them with their PR with the Japanese coffee industry. There was also some suggestion that I could help them with their computer problems. I went down and found that they really needed to sort out their network, and located a disused computer that they could turn into a server given the right software and some extra memory.

Mind you, I am not really seeking to be Mr Fix It out here, so I was hoping to get some valuable NGO experience with them as well. All was looking well, and their seemed a possibility that they would fix us up with Class C visas to stay in Tanzania for another year. We would legally be missionaries or something…

Anyway, I am not so sure that this is possible anymore. Perhaps they want Yuki’s help, but they are being a bit wishy washy about me. Bit of a pain, since I have spent about a week of effort for them when I could have been spending it on something else.


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