Beatrice and the wizard

Beatrice is Leah’s sister and is the manager of the internet cafe. Today she was walking back from hassling Cybernet in order to get them started when a man asked her directions to a children’s hostel. She didn’t know where the hostel was, but the man persisted. She asked a passer by where the hostel was, and he told them. They all walked together some way and were talking. The first man told them that he was a priest. He then started to tell the second man that he knew he had problems. He told Beatrice also that she had problems. If they were to come together and pray they might be able to get God’s help in solving all their problems.

They sat down at the side of the road and prayed together. The priest started describing details of the problems of the second man, then revealed problems that Leah was having. Problems that Leah wouldn’t even know Beatrice knows. Beatrice felt a little scared by this mans apparent powers. The priest asked the second man what he had on him – a mobile phone and TSh150,000. He then asked Beatrice. She had nothing on her. He told her that in order to solve all the problems she would need to have equal possessions on her to pray over. Beatrice obediently returned to her house, got her mobile phone and her bank book, went to the bank and withdrew nearly all her money and returned to the men. They sat together and prayed further. Then they parted company. It was only after returning to the cafe that Beatrice remembered giving the priest the money and her mobile phone. She was very afraid that she had been bewitched, and didn’t tell anyone what had happened till the next day.

I think that Beatrice was subtly hypnotised by the two men. First they convinced her of their authenticity, then they convinced her that to solve the problems of all concerned she would need to bring money, then they tricked her into thinking they knew her secrets. Finally they took her possessions from her without her noticing for some time. Very odd. I have heard of one other person who this has happened to. If anyone knows anything about hypnotism please get in touch. It is very frightening for Beatrice not to know what happened to her. I think I have convinced her it wasn’t witchcraft which can still reach her, and that there won’t be any long term effects. I am no expert.


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