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Well, still no cafe. Today I discovered that my photo CD has a massive scratch in it – I was struck with the terror that all photo’s we had taken so far had been lost! What a nightmare. I then found that a lot of pics were still in the Recycle Bin on my laptop. One of the few times I will thank Microsoft… I have upped the size of my recycle bin in case something like that happens again.

I have got a little further with writing up my past diary entries, but managed not to copy the details on to the CD I brought with me today… Bollock!

There are some pics in here with names like upl_49.jpg going up to about upl_104.jpg. Check them out if you can figure out how, otherwise wait till tomorrow.

Leah called to say that she has decided to go with wireless with CyberNet since they couldn’t connect us via ethernet. I guess things might start happening soon… I have thought that before.

Yuki and I are thinking of learning to Scuba dive in a couple of weeks. It is definitely time to do something…


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