Day 3


Another visit to town. Mary had to go to Tanesco sice she got an electricity bill in December for TSh500,000. She couldn’t possibly have used $500 worth of electricity in one month! Even if she was running a factory, but she only really used a fridge, a TV and her radio…

Yuki and I walked around Arusha. It can be pretty bleak, people with no fingers reaching out to you. Many many beggars. And then touts trying to sell safaris, batiques, bangles etc etc. We ended up in the quiet shade of the Jambo Cafe, eating and drinking. That is what I remember spending most of my “traveller” days doing – eating and drinking. What is it that attracts people to such travel. There is such disdain for tourism, but at least tourists do something. As a traveller when I wasn’t hunting out booze, drugs, food or accomodation I don’t know what I did most of the time. Guess it is called soaking up the atmosphere…


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