Put your camera away white boy!


Leah took us to a scrap metal place where people break apart old cars and machinery in order to build new things. Leah is buying a lot of iron poles from them in order to build a fence around the shamba she is buying with her new boyfriend. In a small shack two men were using a small hack saw to slowly saw through a thick iron girder, reclaimed from some old colonial warehouse. Another guy was splattered with red oxide paint with which he was painting the finished fence posts. Leah is buying over 400 of these posts. I can’t imagine how much sweat is generated by all that sawing.

I made the mistake of getting my camera out to get a snap of all this. In the middle of a secluded industrial area, full of men who toil for little reward I pull out the latest state of the art digital imaging equipment. Duh! Suddenly a group had gathered, some to get their picture taken, others to demand a fee for my taking any pictures at all. I managed to get one shot of Mt Meru and a scrap heap before putting the camera away, and cowering next to Leah’s car feeling sheepish. I think Yuki found the whole thing a little distressing.


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