Day 2

Today brought much. We woke up at about 9am. Outside bright sunshine, pink roses and the rest of Mary’s garden. After breakfast (mango jam) we looked around her shamba. Mary visits the forest up Mt. Meru and collects plants she finds interesting. She then plants them in her garden. She grows many things in the garden.

  • Lettuce
  • celery
  • mulberries
  • strawberries (but there isn’t enough water for them to bear fruit)
  • passion fruit (known simply as passion in Kiswahili)
  • bananas
  • tangerines
  • figs
  • peppers
  • chillies
  • papayas
  • avacados
  • and more…

She also keeps two cows, for milk, and three geese which haven’t yet produced any eggs.




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