The Journey begins

So, I can’t say I got an awful lot of sleep last night, what with the repacking and anxiety and all. Got up at 4:30am in order to be ready for our taxi at 5:15. Had to sit around at the airport for ages. There the trepidation began.

Fear of the unknown future.

I started to be beset with nameless fears and anxiety, which, after snoozing on the prop plane to Amsterdam, with extra energy developed into anxiety over getting through Tanzanian immigration and customs with a business like laptop. Lack of sleep can certainly fuel such sorts of worry, and there isn’t really much else to do on a plane but sit and wallow in ones own mind.

A long flight marred by having seats in the centre of the plane and in the centre of a big party of French safaris off to see lions etc…

Bollocks films and food too. Poor Jackie Chan, reduced by Hollywood to crap like “The Tuxedo”. Oh dear.


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