Bob’s Cabaret (Area 10 – London: Thursday 22nd Aug, 2002)

Found out that last week, after I left there was some nudity. Why is this night on a Thursday – I want to stay all night, but can’t. Argh.

Anyway, last night there was some improvised dance, with a strange scary ranting man and a deckchair (I fear he may take his art to far – but perhaps that is what he wants us to think). There was improvised classical guitar from Miguel which recieved a standing ovation (way better than his eclectic and overlong electric guitar rendition last week). There was a duo who played an african instrument sent through a wah-wah pedal, and an electric guitar, who were fantastic. Some sort of film show which didn’t really work. And then we had to go. Damn working life!

Such a good vibe down at the cabaret – you really owe it to yourself to take Friday off work, and hang out at Bob’s till the sun rises on Friday morning!


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