Money represents potential. It is a flexible form of potential, or so we believe.

People embody potential. They can actualy create, manipulate. Money is a short cut, or way of trading potential with other people.

That is an ideal and simplistic view.

As I see it, capital is the money that can be used (in arrears) to gain potential from other people whilst saving your own time and effort. The capitalist tries to maximise potential, knows that stored potential loses value? Hmm.

Markets control the potential value of money, in theory. In theory the markets control themselves through the democratic potential exchanges of money – the invisible hand. In practice the markets are controlled by the people in power. Power is another form of potential. A form which is on the verge of realisation. Having power over the market and the invisible hand becomes a shadowy one.

Capitalist worship potential. It is their spirit, their causal source.

Nothing can happen without potential. Witchcraft is the invisible hand, the benign force which pushes towards good (ever increasing potential).


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