Day Four – Still looking good

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Published on: October 19, 2006

So four days in, and it still feels good, if a little exhausting.

I’m learning quickly, and rapidly discovering that the job is going to involve a lot of juggling.  I’ve got to get my head around

  • the various connectivity issues that will arise in the different locations I’ll be responsible for (and they are pretty diverse)
  • the finer points of getting several essential applications used to manage Christian Aid’s activities to work in these offices – they normally run across the local area network.
  • Supporting these applications across several time zones
  • The inevitable politics which arise in any organisation, and especially in those undertaking ambitious change.

I wish I had some exciting and funny stories to tell you – but so far it hasn’t really been the stuff of tall tales.  Just nose to the grindstone and trying to figure things out.  As you can see this has caused some distortion to the head and face :-)

On Monday I am off on “First Aid and Personal Security” training for three days at some stately home in Hampshire.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back next week with some hillarious anecdotes about captivity endurance.

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